Benefits of Studying Music

  • Creativity
  • Self Expression
  • Self Discipline
  • Concentration
  • Patience
  • Perseverance
  • Determination
  • Responsibility
  • Coordination
  • Intellectual Stimulation
  • Listening Skills
  • Expanded Education
  • Poise
  • Confidence
  • Important Hobby


Expectations of a Music Student

  • Regular attendance
  • Adequate daily practice
  • Punctuality
  • Respect
  • Attentiveness
  • Prompt payment

Frequently Asked Questions by Parents:


What age is appropriate for my child to start Lessons?

I would suggest at least age five, because the child is usually capable of recognizing numbers by that point. They can sit for at least 20 minutes as well. You know your child best, and would know if they could be focused enough to participate in a lesson.

What beginning piano method do you teach?

I prefer to use the Bastien Piano Method, a set of books comprised of Piano, Technic, Performance and Theory which relate together for each new musical concept learned. They are very thorough, and enjoyable!

Do you teach adults?

Yes. Anyone can learn to play the piano – age is not a factor!

Is a keyboard okay?

A keyboard is perfectly fine to take piano lessons on. Weighted keys are a must though, as the keys then would press and feel the same as playing an actual piano. Beginning students will not need to have an actual piano, but if your child goes on and becomes advanced at piano, you will want to look at eventually buying a real piano. There are some things a keyboard cannot do (especially with pedaling).

What type of piano should I buy?

There are so many options – but speaking as a daughter of a piano tuner, I would highly recommend a Yamaha first. They are expensive, but they are the best! For any other recommendations, you would need to talk with a salesman at Tom Lee Music, or Long and McQuade.

How often should I tune my piano?

At least once a year. Your piano will do best if it resides on an inside wall, away from a cold window or door. Your child is also training their ear, so it's best to be able to play on a piano that is in tune.

Do you know the name of a good piano tuner?

Yes! I have used Yonatan Torn for years, and he is amazing. He has his own website at, or you can email him at

How long should my child practice?

This depends on what level your child is at. A beginning piano student needs to practice daily, but perhaps play through songs two or three times each. This might mean an only ten minute practice time. However, an advanced student who is learning several new pieces will probably need to practice for at least 30 minutes a day.

Do I need to sit with my child while they practice?

Yes. It is imperative that your beginning piano student has some help, even if you don't play the piano yourself. You can read your teacher's comments about what your child is supposed to be practicing, and encourage them. Most children will not practice on their own. After that first crucial important first year, is over, you can probably lessen the amount that you need to sit with them to once a month.

What if I don't play any instrument and can't read music?

It doesn't matter. You are giving your child your undivided attention, which they need. They will be thrilled to be able to tell you, or even teach you something you don't know. An essential part of any new piano student's training is flash cards, and you will be able to handle them like a pro! Answer is on the back, so you can't go wrong.

How often are lessons?

Once a week, for the school calendar year, September through June.

Do you teach in the summer?

No. I believe that students need a break. If they want to play over the summer, that's fine, but I believe they benefit more from having a break from classes and practicing, and are more inclined to want to continue after a nice break.

How long is a private lesson?

Beginning students start at 30 minutes each. As they student advances, there will need to be more time at the lesson, in which case it would be up to the teacher to decide if 45 minutes is enough, or an hour.

How much do private lessons cost?

My rate is $80 per month

Do you have a discount for families?

Yes. The first student pays the full rate, and any siblings will receive a discount.